Claire’s New Departamento


El departamento en Mixcoac


Claire bought an apartment in a new building in the Mixcoac district of Mexico City because she works in Mexico so often.  We went down at the end of October to take possession and to move her furniture from her friend Fabiola’s apartment over to the new one.  Claire had also bought some new things, as you’ll see in the pictures below.  It’s a small apartment, but quite well made and nicely laid out.

The apartment is very close to l’Avenida Revolución and is part of a small, comfortable residential neighborhood.  It’s close to both an upscale (and expensive, by Mexican standards) Superama market and to a wonderful, very traditional market, the Mercado Mixcoac.  Claire and I wandered through el Mercado Mixcoac and found wonderful suppliers for fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, and so many other daily necessities that I don’t think we’ll be going to the Superama for many things!  In fact, when I was checking the fish supplier, my delight must have shown on my face because the vendors immediately asked what I wanted!  It took me some doing to persuade them I did not need any fish right then.  

Claire and I will return in December, and will explore the neighborhood some more.  I’m going to have a lot of fun cooking in that little apartment.