I learned a lot in 2007 about what works and doesn’t work on long distance rides.  I also found out the hard way that there were some weaknesses in the wiring for the electric jacket and lights.  So this year I am redoing the wiring and the gear to improve on last year’s arrangement.

I reinstalled the Garmins as they were -- they did a good job last year.  I’ve also reinstalled the rheostat for the Warm N Safe jacket liner, although I’m fussing around trying to find a better place to mount the control.  (So far I think the best place was right where it was last year!)  Right now, I’m still trying to devise an appropriate arrangement for the lights.  Last year I had a HID low beam (I used the stock Halogen high beam) and two Hella FF50 H4 auxiliary lights.  The HID headlight was so bright that the Hellas, good as they are, were almost washed out.  I like a lot of light, so this year I decided to go with HID bulbs in both the high and low headlight beam, plus two Philips HID auxiliary lights from Farklemaster.  I also bought a couple of Motolight fog lights for those times when I have to ride through dense fog.  The Motolights bolt to the brake calipers, but to hold the Philips lights I am looking at LumaLink brackets.  That should be a lot nicer than the square tube I used last year!

I also am going to improve my lighting from the rear.  I have a Givi V46 top case and E41 side cases, and a company called AdMore Lighting makes LED lighting that fits into the reflectors for each.  I haven’t installed them yet but they are awaiting the soldering iron!

I also intend to install the Stebel Nautilus horn I’ve had sitting around for the last year. 

UPDATE, 3 May 2008:

I’ve been slower than I expected to get all this stuff together.  However, I’m getting there!  So far I’ve managed to install the Motolights, the Nautilus, and the Warm N Safe wiring, as well as the wiring for the Garmins.  The new HID headlight bulbs are in and working.  The Givi lights are in place, and simply need to be connected.  I’ve roughed in the wiring for the Philips HIDs, and crafted plates to hold their ballasts.  I still need to hook up the PHIDs and connect up the Givi lights, and then I think I will be done.  (For now!)  Oh, and I decided not to get the LumaLink brackets for the Philips HIDs, at least for now.  So I remade the square tube brackets that I used last year. 

UPDATE, 6 May:

I keep moving along!  I now have managed to wire up the Philips HIDs, but for some reason they are not working.  I have them wired the same as the Motolights, but no dice.  One thing I noticed is that there is no power to the switch -- so I’m wondering if there’s some kind of short in the relay?  Hard to say.  I’ll muse on it and tinker with it another time.

UPDATE, 8 May:

I plugged in a different relay and lo, the HIDs work!  (Damn, they are bright . . . )  So as far as I can tell, the old relay I had reused had gone bad.  So after all that, I was able to put the tank back on, and then put the bike on the battery charger to help the battery recover from all the testing I’ve been doing.  It was pretty darn flat!  Tomorrow I’ll start testing the bike out with all the stuff on it, and see what I will need to do next.

UPDATE, 10 May:

I finally hooked up the Datel voltmeter.  it was a snap, once I knew what to do.  The last things I need to do now are run the vacuum tube for the ScottOiler, and connect the lights in the side cases. 

UPDATE, 24 May:

Today I got the ScottOiler plumbed in.  It turned out that the ScottOiler web site had very clear instructions for how to tap into the vacuum system on my 599, so once I found those it was pretty much a snap.  I still have to dial it in, but it’s getting close.

UPDATE, 25 May:

Oh boy.  Something is draining the battery, which means there’s a leak somewhere.  I suspect the horn because the problem did not happen until after I installed it, so I unplugged the hot wire to the relay.  Apparently, the Nautilus relays are not very good, so the relay itself may be the issue.  I’ll see how it goes after I recharge the battery.  I’ll also get a new, high-quality relay from Eastern Beaver.

UPDATE, 29 May:

Oh hah!  I took a trip to Fallbrook yesterday, about 50-55 miles one way, and found out that the ScottOiler worked.  In fact it worked a bit too well!  I had left it on “prime” -- that is, fully open -- with the expectation that I had to do something else to get the oil down in the tube running to the chain.  Nope.  When I got to my destination I looked down and saw that not only was the tube full, the side of the tire was covered with a light sheen of oil!  I’m glad I hadn’t been pushing it in the turns . . .

I turned the oil flow to its lowest setting, and at a gas station wiped off as much of the oil as I could.  Going home wasn’t too bad, because I was on the freeway almost the whole way.  But I am glad that I spotted that oil! 

The battery didn’t seem to be draining, either, so maybe I was right with my suspicion about the horn.  I have some new relays coming from Eastern Beaver and I hope that one of those would solve the problem.

Setting  up the New 599