Trying to help


Renee came up with an idea to try to help a family or two that had been a victim of the recent wildfires.  So we came up with a plan, and then rode out Highway 94 towards Barrett Junction and Potrero to try to find information about families who could be helped. 

We originally planned to ride all the way to Potrero (where the fire started) and talk to people there.  But we got lucky.  I was leading the ride, and as we came to Barrett Junction (which really is nothing more than a cafe along the road) I waved to a group of bikes at the cafe.  Well, everyone behind me thought I was signaling for a left turn into the cafe’s parking lot, and turned in there!  I quickly realized I was all alone and turned back. 

As it turned out, this was fortuitous.  We decided to have a late breakfast, and when we finished, Renee noticed that right across the street was the FEMA disaster assistance center!  We had not noticed it before because it was in a little valley and not quite visible from the road.  We wound up getting our information there.  Although we did ride out to Potrero, that turned out to be just for fun in the end.

We still have some work to do to select a family or two to help, but we’ll figure it out!

a ride to the harris fire zone

24 november 2007