I wanted to provide some winter safety tips for all of us.  The conditions down here in San Diego in winter, of course, are not that ugly, but we still can prepare for the relative cold and the darkness.  Added lighting and warmer clothing can make a big difference in our safety - the lights because people can more easily see us at night or on our occasional cloudy days, and the clothing because we can react better when we are warm.  This stuff is elementary, so I am not going to belabor what to do.  Instead, I’m going to offer links to a number of web site links that have clothing and lights that can help us.


There are two ways to stay warm when the temperature drops.  Layer up, or use electric gear.  You can find heated clothing from Gerbing, Widder, Aerostich, and Warm’n’Safe.  All of these companies make good gear, and you should choose clothing that fits. 





You can also get heated grips, which can help keep your hands warm with lighter weight gloves than you would otherwise need.

As for clothing, layers work best.  Cotton is not a good choice because it holds water, and that can chill you.  Wear polypro, silk, or wool instead of cotton.  For rain, your Safety Queen suggests that you try to find gear that is either reflective or made with bright colors, instead of the far too common black. 

Aerostich has a good selection of winter clothing, and (the reason I’m linking to it) it describes why the various items are good.


Lights can improve your visibility as well as your ability to see when it is dark (and especially when it is wet and dark.)  You can find extra driving and fog lights with halogen and LED bulbs, and driving lights with HID bulbs. 

CQ Lights

Biker Highway





You can add LED tail lights as well.


Admorelight (for Givi cases only)

Custom Dynamics

Super Bright LEDs

Eastern Beaver

Eastern Beaver also has an excellent collection of fuse boxes, wiring kits, and other supplies to ease the job of  wiring up lights or gear.