In 1974 or 1975 Bette Midler played at the Seattle Opera House with the Harlettes. I prepared by stocking up with 400 ASA Fuji color film -- I always liked the high color typical of Fuji at the time. It was pretty dark on the stage, so even though I had a fast film I still needed to set the shutter speed at 1/30th of a second. And on top of that, I used a 200 mm telephoto for the top four pictures. The pics came out pretty well, all things considered! Most of the fuzz in these pictures comes from the grain in the film, not the jpeg compression.

Bette Midler

I also saw Bette a few years before she became a hit. She was cast as the role of Tommy's mother and the Acid Queen in the Who's rock opera, which played at the Moore Theater in Seattle. She was very enthusiastic in that role . . . particularly with the sailor.