The Kolaya Carmen Build


After I tried out Brad Daniels's Amazon Rosewood and Tornillo Carmens, I opted for the Rosewood and Cedar combination. I am purposely instructing Brad only on the main woods and construction; I'm letting him choose how to go from there. This is in part because I am not looking for something that sounds like X; I want a guitar that sounds good but it can be completely different from anything else I have, and I'll enjoy it all the more for that reason. And the other part is that I like Brad's artistic taste and I want to give him his head on the design. It should be fun to see how it comes out!

I did ask Brad to make a guitar using the lattice bracing that he used in the earlier Rosewood Carmen that I tried. I thought that guitar was really quite exceptional. I also asked for a cutaway, but I did not feel that the bevel was of any particular use for me, so I'm skipping that.

And now, here are some pics!